Kibera, Women and Change.

On the edge of the megalithic slum that is Kibera, a small organisation operates two very specific programs to attempt change in what must be one of the hardest places on earth to eke out a meaningful life. The first offers education funding to 100 clever, but severely disadvantaged children from the slum, that will take them through secondary school and university if they continue to work hard. The second initiative funds around 50 women to start very small businesses. It’s micro-finance at its most basic. All the women are unsupported by partners and many are HIV positive. With encouragement, advice and very small amounts of cash, most have gone on to create a steady income, allowing them to pay for education, healthcare, and good nutrition for their often extensive families.

By providing these services they have nailed two of the most basic tenets of aid provision.

  1. Education…then education…then more education.

  2. Get the money into a woman’s hands.

The organisation is called “Mirror of Hope” and it receives funding from the Edmund Rice Foundation here in Australia.